Evening Gratitude

Thankful for the day that is coming to the close.
Thankful for the chores that are done and those left undone.
Thankful for the reading and the writing.
Thankful for hearing and most importantly listening.
Thankful for friendships and for sisters.
Thankful for the quiet, plane-less sound of peace.
Thankful for all the possibilities and dreams and,
thankful for the tiredness felt, at the end of the jobs well- done.
And so it is.

Morning Gratitude:

Thankful for a beautiful Monday morning,
Thankful for the peace in my heart,
Thankful for the smell of autumn,
Thankful for my space.
Thankful to the cat asking for more food.
Thankful for SoulAlign Selective
Thankful for #thetahealing
Thankful for my teacher Anna Bourgeon’s Inner Circle
Thankful for being alive and new possibilities.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. And so it is.

1984, Meet 2016

Isabella Millington

From Brave New World to The Hunger Games, dystopian literature is supposed to provide an entertaining escape from the real world. A warning, perhaps, but also a light reminder that things could always be worse. After today, and many of the unbelievable events of the past year or so, however, dystopian literature is no longer something I turn to for escapism. Where once it provided grounds for an interesting discussion about philosophy and ideology and to contemplate the potential havoc human beings could wreak in some far-off future, now I turn to dystopian literature as a kind of blurry road map for navigating my immediate socio-political climate. It’s an abstract map, sure. Sometimes the names of the roads are different, the scenery a little less exciting, the dead-ends a little more frequent. These road maps don’t tell me what kind of traffic I will encounter on the roads, or forewarn…

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Living Inside Out-

I am confronted with comments like: “I am tired”, “I need a holiday”, “I’m burned out”, on a daily basis. I even get private messages from FB friends who say things like: “you seem to have it together, can you help me?”

Well to tell you the truth I am not beyond all these sentiments myself. But then I have a crutch. And that is the ability to look inside, connect and act-rather than re-act when things are not up to my standards!

Sure there are days that I think I really could do with a massage or a facial and yes HOLIDAY is the big thing. But as a wise teacher once said…I AM STILL WITH ME even on a secluded Island like the one portrayed in DEATH IN PARADISE!

So what’s the solution…what can we do when life’s throwing us lemons…ok you might say make lemonade-but what if I don’t like lemonade?

For me after years of searching in different places- from Psychics to Angel therapists, all of whom am indebted to for they indeed lead me to where I am now or rather where I’m going to, one thing has stood the test of time-and that is the idea of looking inside for answers rather than the other way around.

In todays’ world the chase is on for the next best thing- with the speed offered to us all because of the net we are even more in hurry to achieve-attain-posses. And yet we can be considered to be most unhappy- especially in parts of the world where we ought to be comfortable and content.

Ah that word; for some, the idea of CONTENTMENT is as unappealing as going to a blind date with someone who turns out to be your ex!

So we seek and if lucky attain the fancy car, the designer bag, the dream holiday, the dream job and even the dream relationship (that’s a big one) and yet something inside simply feels unsatisfied even empty!

Hence the 21st century’s need for all the self-help books and gurus and…and still when one looks at this phenomena judiciously, the bulk of these books and helpful materials are still concerned with: how to get the car-the job the…all the aforementioned goods that might bring one happiness.

And yes we live in a material world and we need comfort-there is no doubt about that. Personally have experienced financial difficulties, health problems and relationships break downs to know how difficult any of these experiences can be.

That is until I came across the idea of living inside out-rather than outside in. Let me explain. Every time, I feel my happiness is at risk I ask myself: “why & how”

Is it because a colleague has been mean? And if so am I at his/her mercy? Is it because I can’t afford this holiday? And if so am I going to let this take away my peace?

The idea-no the fact that my awareness changes by this knowledge that I have a choice-I am the master of my destiny- has an empowering effect.

This does not mean that I can change outside circumstances, but I change my response to them-and by this simple switch-I become lighter and happier.

Mahatma Gandhi told us to be the change we want to see in the world- so for me this has become a stepping stone- if I want compassion I have to show more. If I want love I have to be more…

There is nothing new here-this wisdom is universal and yet somehow lost in our day to day lives. So the lesson for me has been-every time am challenged by outside circumstances, I turn inwards- breathe- pause-and ask myself why does this make me unhappy? Do I need anything from this person-position-experience that I cannot conjure up for myself? And if I am honest always the answer is NO…at times it takes much longer than anticipated to get to that stage. After all there are so many taught beliefs that fight within each of us. 

“but I have to retaliate-or else they think I’m an idiot”, “but I’m a parent I have to worry” “but how can I trust them they have betrayed me before” ”but…””but…” “but…”

So next time let me just go inside-realise that I am powerful despite outside circumstances and appearances- and let I embrace contentment. After all anything taught, can be un-taught; And for me the choice is simple-I rather be happy where I am now- rather than always chasing after the gold at the end of the rainbow!

©MZQ444-writing as empress888